Private Attorney Office

"Indigos' Spring" is a commissioned work, specifically for this office space. The client requested a blooming redbud tree with the bright blue indigo bunting birds in the Red River Gorge setting, commemorating enjoyable hikes in the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest. Clare worked closely with her client to arrive at the final composition. Many of Clare Hirn’s paintings are owned by corporate clients and exhibited in their offices, including several pieces in the renowned art collection of Brown-Forman Distillery. Paintings large and small add dimension in a variety of ways to your home or office.
  • Location: Attorney's private office space

Related Projects

Public Spaces

Art in public spaces creates a collective attitude, inspiration, and has been shown to reduce stress. Clare has created scenic and mixed media murals for several public spaces in Kentucky. Her murals are a permanent addition to the UofL Health Care Outpatient Center and the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital. Each project invites collaboration with her client.

Corporate Art

Corporate art collections help support local artists, provide a welcoming environment to customers, invigorate colleagues as well as define specific areas. Clare's murals and paintings are collected by several area corporate businesses, such as Brown-Foreman, Stites & Harbison and Waterfront Park Place. Clare works with clients to provide a unique look for their space.

Residential Spaces

Clare’s fine art murals create a sense of space in the room and allow individuals to set the tone for their unique residential setting, such as a bathroom, dining area or bedroom. Often painted in veils of color, these murals bring a feeling of light and openness into a room or area. Dining rooms offer ideal opportunity to display the optimum effect.

Studio Paintings

Along with commissions and large site specific artwork Clare also creates original paintings of all sizes in her studio. Examples can be viewed on the gallery page. Feel free to contact Clare to learn more about original artwork or high quality giclée reproductions. Please call and arrange your studio visit!

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