"Clouds" mixed media mural by Clare Hirn

“Clouds” mixed media mural by Clare Hirn


Please feel free to Contact Clare with any questions that are not below.

  • 1. How do I proceed if I am interested in buying a mural?

    I converse with the client about their space and any ideas they have regarding their project. Measurements are provided or taken. I give a free estimate. Sketches are done for a minimal deposit against the total price. After the client’s approval we are ready to start the painting. Clients may view the mural as it progresses and will have the opportunity to discuss any changes.
  • 2. How is the pricing structured?

    I provide free estimates. Each mural is priced according to specifications. Prices are based on square footage and design elements, such as the amount of detail. Any shipping or installation costs are separate. My prices are competitive without sacrificing quality or design.
  • 3. How are the murals customized for the individual client?

    All murals are completely hand painted and original. This allows for specific themes, dimensions, styles, colors and more to be requested. Murals are designed to enhance both public and private spaces. Clients can individualize these designs in many ways to suit their needs and their space, and to allow for personalized expression. Murals can be painted directly on the wall or on canvas and professionally installed.
  • 4. Are there advantages to a mural painted directly on the wall or on canvas?

    While many murals are painted directly onto interior walls, it is also a popular option to execute the murals on canvas. These murals on canvas are painted in my studio and can be easily shipped to locations out of the region. Murals on canvas can be relocated if properly installed by a professional.
    Interior spaces are often more suited for the mural to be painted directly on the wall, thus allowing most any space to be treated. All murals are designed to enhance both public and private spaces and I discuss all options with my clients. In some spaces, both techniques are appropriate and used.
  • 5. How is a canvas mural applied to the wall? Can it be relocated?

    A wallpaper professional should prime the wall and apply the mural according to directions. If the installation is professionally done according to instructions, the mural may be relocated if required.
  • 6. What kind of paint is used?

    I use only high quality artist acrylic and oil paint for my murals.
  • 7. Why do some murals have a ‘watercolor’ look and feel?

    Many of my murals are painted in many layers of artist acrylic paint thinned appropriately with medium, giving a more transparent appearance. This allows for more interaction with light as it passes through the layers.
  • 8. Why do some murals have a more “ethereal” look and feel?

    When the subject matter is treated more loosely and abstractly, as in many of my mixed media murals, the overall effect is less representational. Often I juxtapose areas of abstractness with areas of detail.
    I love this compliment from viewers, “I always see something new each time I look at the mural.”
  • 9. Is there a protective coat or varnish applied?

    On occasion the murals are sealed, depending on the space and situation. Often it is not necessary.

Public Spaces

Art in public spaces creates a collective attitude, inspiration, and has been shown to reduce stress. Clare has created scenic and mixed media murals for several public spaces in Kentucky. Her murals are a permanent addition to the UofL Health Care Outpatient Center and the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital. Each project invites collaboration with her client.

Corporate Art

Corporate art collections help support local artists, provide a welcoming environment to customers, invigorate colleagues as well as define specific areas. Clare's murals and paintings are collected by several area corporate businesses, such as Brown-Foreman, Stites & Harbison and Waterfront Park Place. Clare works with clients to provide a unique look for their space.

Residential Spaces

Clare’s fine art murals create a sense of space in the room and allow individuals to set the tone for their unique residential setting, such as a bathroom, dining area or bedroom. Often painted in veils of color, these murals bring a feeling of light and openness into a room or area. Dining rooms offer ideal opportunity to display the optimum effect.

Studio Paintings

Along with commissions and large site specific artwork Clare also creates original paintings of all sizes in her studio. Examples can be viewed on the gallery page. Feel free to contact Clare to learn more about original artwork or high quality giclée reproductions. Please call and arrange your studio visit!

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